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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Stories in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is the new frontier for online marketing. The email message allows the user to send any type of message that they so desire to whomever they desire. The real question for anyone using this form of marketing is how they can make sure that their email marketing strategies work effectively. There are many good email marketing strategies out there but one of the best is the use of stories in the email. Here are five good reasons to incorporate stories in your next email marketing messages.

Stories increase your overall reach

Stories are a good email marketing strategies because they can go viral. They can create a story that is spread from one person to the other through word of mouth. Think of all the email message forwards that you have ever received. It is guaranteed that the bulk of them were stories. The story that you use needs to be interesting or entertaining and it must always provide value to your readers.

Stories allow you to share testimonials

One of the most effective email marketing strategies is the use of testimonials to build a followership. A good word about your company, its products and services will do more good for your sales conversions than any other form of marketing. Testimonials show potential consumers what the current consumers have benefited from using your products.

Stories allow you to connect with the consumer

Email marketing strategies that worked focus on the individual as a person and not just a consumer. Sending stories allows the potential consumer to connect with you on a personal level. This makes it easier to convince the consumer that you have their best interests in mind.

Stories add to your brand image

Stories are a brilliant strategies because they allow for connection between the consumer and the brand. Brands that are willing to connect on an emotional level as shown above build a brand image that is responsive to the community they serve and operate in. Over time this creates trust between the consumer and the business and this develops into brand loyalty.

Stories enable you to provide value added service

Another reason they are one of the best email marketing strategies is because they allow you to provide added value to the consumer. A story that shows an additional way to use something benefits the consumer who had not thought to use the product that way. The gratitude they feel is seen in your better bottom line.


Marketing in whatever form boils down to telling a story that leaves the consumer interested and desiring to become a consumer. The value of a good story to email marketing campaigns cannot be understated.

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