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5 Blog Marketing Tips For Beginners That Will Help You Rank Number 1 In The Search Engines

Marketing your blog properly is about as important to your internet marketing career as having a fast internet connection. And in case you have not heard, blog marketing is about the fastest and easiest way to drive traffic to your website. However, few people want to share this valuable information with others because it's been a closely guarded secret that only the hierarchy of the internet marketing world were aware of. This article will lay out 5 blog marketing tips for beginners that you can use starting today that'll boost your search engine rankings.

Use Your Keyword In The Headline

It sounds too easy, however many people mess this up. Instead of having one large paragraph of 900 words, break the paragraph up into 3 paragraphs of 300 words each. At the top of the paragraph insert a headline that has your keyword in it. Search engines love that.

Target Keywords That Are Similar To Your Main Keyword

Many folks build an entire blog around one keyword. That's not really helpful because now the site is only about one thing. Instead, choose 3 or more keywords that are similar to your main keyword and write about them as well. For example, instead of choosing "blog marketing tips", one could choose "blog promotion tips", or "blog marketing plan". Now you'll have more to write about so you can continue to add relevant content. Which leads us to our next point.

Build a Blog With At Least 10 Pages

One of the best blog marketing tips for beginners that I've come across is this. Build a site with 10 or more pages. This is easier than it sounds. All you do is write a post or page for each of your chosen keywords that are in your niche. After you put together the posts, you can link them together. For example, the post on "blog marketing tips" will link to the post about a "blog marketing plan" which in turn can link to a post called "blog marketing tips and SEO". This simply adds links inside your site and basically connects the whole site together. Again, the search engines love this.

Update Your Blog Every 3-5 Days

That last thing you want to do is build a blog then forget to use it. A blog is interactive, and once you optimize it and get traffic, you'll also have people posting on your blog. A good rule of thumb is to update every 3-5 days. That way, you'll always have new and relevant content for your readers. If people come back to your site and see the same stuff over and over again, pretty soon they'll stop coming back.

Comment On Other Blogs

Blog commenting is an important element in blog marketing. Basically all you do here is find other blogs that are similar to yours and make relevant comments. Make sure you do not spam, only post comments that are truly helpful, otherwise you'll get flamed. At any rate, blog commenting is vital, just make sure you do it right and often.

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