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4 Top Secrets of Super Affiliate Marketers Revealed

We all want to live the Internet lifestyle and have nice things like the top super affiliates, but it takes a bit of work. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that helps these super affiliates bring in lots of money for businesses and in turn partnerships in very lucrative contracts for them. So what is their secret? Well, your in luck because below below are a few steps that you need to take.

Step # 1 All top affiliates will seek out and find the products that are selling well. Most super affiliates will frequent sites like and look for the top sellers in the market they are targeting. This is free to do and open to everyone.

Step # 2 After they have found a good product to promote as an affiliate Internet marketing reseller then they do their keyword research. Sites like are an excellent free resource used by many. This is done for two main reasons, search engine placement and Pay Per Click advertising.

Step # 3 They build a landing page that one, pre-sells the product they have chosen to promote and two, collects the name and email address of a visitor to that page. They do these two things to bring in more sales and then offer other products to their new list in the future. When a super affiliate collects the name and email address they do so in the hopes of promoting other offers in the future.

Step # 4 The next step is to set up testing and tracking on their landing page. If their landing page is not converting visitors into buyers, then they want to know about it and so should anyone looking to become a super affiliate marketer. There are various programs out there to test anything from the headline on your landing page to complete paragraphs on your landing page. Make sure you are always testing everything in your marketing efforts. You could be making a lot more money if you know where the weaknesses are.

This is just a rough overview of how the top super affiliates pull in so much cash on a daily basis. Becoming a superstar will not happen overnight, it does not for anyone. It takes time and a little persistence. Remember this, all super affiliates started out with one sale and one subscriber, they all do. Just keep at it and follow the steps above and you may be the next super affiliate Internet marketing superstar.

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