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4 Tips to Becoming an Affiliate Marketing Superstar

So you are finally getting tired of living the Rat Race, or the bills have finally started piling up & you need an extra source of Income to make ends meet? Whatever your reason, Affiliate Marketing may be the answer you are looking for to put a little extra in your bank account each month.

Ok, so what exactly is affiliate marketing? It is a technique that allows someone to promote other peoples products & earn a commission from them. The key is to find good products that pay a decent commission. It does not take a lot of technical savvy, & is really easy to do. It also allows you to start part-time & ever build up to a full time income.

So if you think you'd like to give affiliate marketing a try, how do you ensure your success in this field? Here are some very important tips you should follow:

Choose a niche you are familiar with to start

If you are somewhat familiar with the products that you are planning at first, it will make it easier for you. Also, the reputation of the company you are promoting for can make a difference. You will want to try to find a company that has good products, at affordable prices, & a decent profit margin for you. It can make or break your earnings. I suggest that you start to make a list of your interests & then see what affiliate programs you can come up with from that list.

Create a website & landing page that compels

The best way to make the most bucks in this field is to create a website that is well designed. The purpose of the site is going to be threefold – First is to compel the visitor to either buy the product or sign up under you as a referral (which you also earn from). Second, you want to provide them with useful information about the product. You can do this either by providing a review of the product, or providing a video tutorial based around the product. Third, & one of the most important steps, is to place a very conspicuous opt = in form on the site. You want to compel your visitor to sign up for your mailing list. I will cover the importance of this in another article. You want to create a site that compels your visitor to return, that is easy to navigate, & that compels them to either purchase, sign up for your mailing list or sign up under you to promote the product.

The Power of Free means more Money to you

OK, I hear your brains ticking trying to figure out what I mean. It is actually very simple. You provide your visitor with useful, free information, like say, free reports. You require them to opt-in to your mailing list to receive the report. You now have their email so you can send them more free information. Once you have their trust, they will be more likely to purchase from you. Plus, you now have their permission through the opt-in procedure so you can then promote other products & make them into repeat buyers. Another little secret is to provide your opt-ins with giveaway rights to your report. If you provide good information in them, along with a link to your website, they will be likely to share your report with friends, which will drive more traffic to your site.

Get targeted traffic to your site

You can not benefit from your well-designed website, no matter how good your content and freebies are if you do not have the right visitors. So how do you drive targeted visitors to your site? You can do search engine optimization or link building. You can use blogging, social networking and word of mouth, or AdWords. There are thousands of possibilities.

If you follow all of the above mentioned bits of advice, it will be hard for you to fail as an affiliate marketer.

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