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4 Tips For Choosing an Exercise DVD

If you're like to shed a few pounds, there are certainly no shortage of options available to you: diets, membership plans, books, ebooks, DVDs, videos, gym memberships, and so on. And clearly one of the major factors in losing weight (and keeping it off) is to do regular exercise. Some people like going to the gym, whereas if you're like me, you prefer to work out at home. So here are a few tips for choosing an exercise DVD (or video).

A lot of people seem to buy workout DVDs and then leave them unopened – or watched once – in that little compartment benefit the TV stand. Clearly, however, just owning a weight-loss DVD is not going to do much for your figure.

It could be, of course, that the DVD did not live up to expectations. Or it was too difficult. Or too easy! Or … any other number of excuses ** ahem ** reasons.

So When you go to buy a DVD, consider these things:

# 1. The type of exercise that you most like doing.

Do you like high-impact aerobics-style workouts? Or do you prefer something more subdued like Tai Chi? Perhaps yoga is more what you're looking for. Or you might want to combine that high-energy aerobic workout with something useful like boxing (as in the "Boxercise" craze).

There are plenty of different exercise regimes and styles to choose from so you should probably take a moment to think about which kind of exercise you like most. And – just as importantly – which ones you loathe! There's no good at all in choosing some supposedly wonderful form of exercise that everyone's talking about if you positively hate it. Does not matter if everyone is getting great results. You can get equally great results from whichever form of exercise you choose for you.

# 2. Do you get bored easily?

Having said all that in Point # 1, you should also think about how important variety is to you. I had a core-strength training DVD a few years ago that was really good, but I just could not do that same workout every day; It simply got stale.

So you might like to consider two or three different DVDs, all using different styles of exercise. This will not only provide the mental variety that people like me need, it'll also give your body a good variety of stretches and you'll use different muscle groups. So even if your main goal is to lose weight, you'll more than likely start to tone up as well, which is a nice added benefit!

# 3. Are you unreasonably optimistic?

Being optimistic is a good thing. Setting a weight loss goal and then going for is definitely a good thing to do. But you do need to be realistic.

For example, earlier in this article, I mentioned Boxercise. Well, I do not mean to be rude, but if you're 100lbs overweight, doing that kind of exercise at the beginning is not only going to discourage you (it's also too dangerous), it's also potentially dangerous.

That kind of very high impact aerobic exercise is simply not the place to start losing weight or getting fit; You can easily overdo it and either give up too soon (needlessly failing to achieve your goal) or do yourself an injury – or maybe even have a heart attack.

So please, please, please consider that when choosing an exercise DVD.

Be bold. Set big goals. But be realistic and take your time.

# 4. How much do they cost?

The price of exercise programs varies wildly and you'll have to do your own research to determine what's best for you, of course. But once you've been through Tips 1-3, I'd suggest taking a visit to your local library, actually.

There are usually some great workout DVDs at the library! You may not immediately associate the library with exercise, but I'm willing to bet that you can find a low-impact workout aerobics, or pilates, or yoga video or DVD at your local library. Start there and move your way up as the pounds come off.

Finally, I'd just like to add that I've tried a bunch of different home workout DVDs over the years and I've generally been satisfied with them. I've found that having a video to follow along with (you can always hit "Pause" if you need a little rest!) Is better than just trying to aimlessly do some exercise by yourself.

Take a little bit of time up front to find the right DVD or range of DVDs for you (although do not procrastinate and use the choosing as an excuse for not doing!) And it'll make your weight loss program all that much more Enjoyable and profitable.

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