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4 Easy Ways You Can Optimize Your Articles Articles Article Directories

Do you know that they are so many things you can do with your articles to drive you traffic?

Do you know that your articles are the most original content provided by you and only you?

Is your articles resting in your computer now after they are submitted to various article directories? (I bet it is for most of you)

Why do not you put them to best use if it is your most original content created through your hardwork.

Here are the 4 Ways you can optimize the use of your articles

1) Small Reports: You can in fact select some of your articles that are related and compile them into small reports that can be given away to your prospects if they opt-in to your list. All you have to do is to create some links in your report and it will boost your website traffic like crazy.

2) Newsletter: You can also add your articles into your autoresponder as newsletter for your subscribers as it can provide them with great value and ultimately build credibility for you.

3) Blog Post: You can use your articles as blog post and then submit your post to social networking site like Tags to get more exposure. Do not worry, your blog is not going to be penalized by Google for posting articles that you submitted to article directories.

4) Your product promotion tools: You can use some of your articles as your product promotional tools for your affiliates. You can instruct your affiliates to add one or two of your articles into their autoresponder and send to their list with their affiliate link on. This can in turn help your affiliate boost their sales.

These is what I usually do to my articles after I have submitted them to the article directories and I think you should do the same.

Now put this into practice and you will see the result soon.

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