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3 Ways to Use Humor to Increase Your Sales

We probably all have a “favorite” commercial. That one that literally made us roll on the floor we were laughing so hard and that we repeated to all of our friends. Humor can be a huge asset in many types of marketing. However, it is important to use the right type of humor at the right time in order to get the net effect that you want: increased sales and profit. If you are simply drop-dead hilarious but no one can remember what on earth you were promoting, then you have not succeeded with using humor in advertising and sales.

Here are 3 unique ways to use humor in your sales:

· Commission a humorous logo.

You can find good graphics artists who will design simple logos for as little at 50 dollars. Having a funny logo will help make your company and your products and services more memorable. In addition, you will be easier to spot. Even if your customers do not remember your business name, they will recognize your friendly little cartoon figure.

· Use humor to reinforce points that your think are important, but may not be memorable on their own.

This is a particularly useful tactic if you do any type of direct sales. If there is an aspect of your product or service that you believe is vital to a good appreciation of that product, but you find that you have trouble driving this point home to your clients and potential clients, give humor a try. A simple one-liner or humorous crack that relates to this point and can be delivered in conversation may resolve the issue for you entirely.

· Use custom cartoons in your printed marketing material.

While verbal humor and storytelling work well in conversation and sales, when it comes to printed material simpler is better. Research shows that people are more likely to stop and read a cartoon than a page of printed text. Use a cartoon to draw their attention and “sink the hook” so that the reader will be interested in what else you have to say that may be in fine print. If like a particular cartoonist’s style, then you might want to contact them to commission some of your own material. Make sure that you get the rights to this material, and you have professionally designed, humorous advertising that you can use and reuse as long as you like.

Ultimately, humor is only as effective as you make it. Make sure that you are catering to the style and preferences of your target audience when you use humor. This is one of the most creative and effective forms of advertising, so be careful, be creative, and be sure that you stay out there where your potential clients can fully appreciate your abilities.

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