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3 Tips For Increasing Your Paid Survey Earnings

Paid surveys are a great way to earn a few extra dollars each month, for doing nothing more than giving your opinion on something.

But if you really want to rake in the dollars, then you’ll need to know a few crucial tips and techniques to maximize the income you make from paid surveys.

With this in mind, I’d like to share with you a few powerful tips that can increase the amount you make from paid surveys, and increase the amount of paid surveys you receive.

The first tip – and this is a crucial one – make sure you take every single survey that you are sent. Even if it isn’t for much money, and even if the topic isn’t of much interest to you.

Why do I suggest this? Simple. I’ve noticed something with the new accounts I’ve made with paid survey companies… and it’s this: Accounts that regularly fill out surveys (nearly ever one sent) tend to get more survey invitations. I think this is because the survey companies see that you’re regularly partaking in surveys with good quality answers.

On to my next tip. Take your surveys as soon as you receive them. Now you don’t necessarily have to be glued to your PC 24/7, but when you see a survey invitation in your inbox… try and take it as soon as you can.

The survey companies will know that you’ve clicked the link, so they know how much time passed between sending the email and you taking the survey. Obviously, they get results quicker if you take the surveys quicker. This will definitely put you in their “good books”.

My final tip: Make sure you’re using a good auto-fill software program. This can save you lots of tedious work of entering the same information over and over again. I personally like the program called Robo form, because it allows me to save multiple details, and enter them very quickly. But this isn’t a free program.

If you can’t afford Robo form just yet, then there are many great free programs like the Google toolbar which have auto-fill capabilities.

I hope these three tips will help you earn some more money with paid surveys, even if it is just a few extra bucks a month.

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