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3 Great Baby Shower Gifts For the Hostess

For the hostess of a baby shower, it’s imperative to show that you appreciate all the work she has put into making the best baby shower she could for you. Giving the hostess a gift is not only a good idea but is a good manner’s must! Depending on what your baby shower hostess enjoys doing, there are many different options for an appropriate gift. Remember, every gift should be chosen thinking about what the recipient would like. It is up to you to decide what the best gift to buy is. Here are 3 wonderful baby shower gifts for the hostess that are sure to wow!

  1. One very cute gift for your baby shower hostess is a customized apron that commemorates the baby shower (and her incredible hosting skills) in your own words. For hostesses with a sense of humor, getting an apron that has a funny witticism might just make her day. What really will set this gift apart from many other possibilities is that aprons actually are useful in many situations. If you are going to get your hostess a gift, it might as well be something that she will use!
  2. Few hostesses would be upset if you gave them a luxury spa set or a gift certificate to a favorite local spa. It makes sense to give her a luxury pampering since she has taken all this time to make sure that you feel amazing while you are expecting your child. Shopping around for great spa packages is a smart move for the expecting mother with some disposable income to spend. When giving the hostess a spa related gift, a great way to show your appreciation would be to add a card saying, “Thank you for making me feel like a million bucks on the day of my baby shower! Let me help return the favor!”
  3. For the more erudite hostess, buying some books that you know she’ll enjoy is a great way to make sure that she understands how much you enjoyed the party and appreciate her efforts. Even better, buying a gift certificate to her favorite store or getting a new e-book reader will make her day. It’s important to buy gifts that you know your friends will use. It’s understandable why giving a scholarly hostess this gift will be a welcome present. For a finishing touch, add a note that says, “For the brainiest hostess ever! Thank you so much for the wonderful baby shower!”

As long as your gift comes from the heart your hostess will definitely appreciate the gesture. And remember, your hostess has already given you the most precious gift that she could give – her friendship.

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