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3 Elite Exercises Used by Thousand Men to Increase Penis Size!

Many men desire to have a larger penis then they currently have. However, few have taken the necessary steps in order to achieve an increase in penis size. In order to truly succeed from male enhancement, you must put a little bit of effort. If you're under the assumption that you just need to find the right kind or pills and supplements in order for this to happen, you may be sadly mistaken. The only away to truly increase penis size is by performing penis exercises at home.

Here are 3 exercises you can start right away to increase the size of your penis:

1. Penis stretching – this exercise is almost as simple as it sounds. It does sound uncomfortable at first, but is actually not that bad at all. First, the reason stretching works is that it stretches out your penile tissues and create more cells in those tissues. Over time this results and increases of size – both length and girth. Any time you are getting ready to perform penis stretches, make sure that you warm up your member with a warm cloth in order to ensure that no damage is done. Make sure you follow a plan that would include these stretches:

2. Standard Jelq – the Jelq has been around for some time and has many variations advanced techniques. However, you want to start with a standard technique first. Use a lubricant to apply along your penis and use a closed hand sliding motion to slide your grip from the base to the head. This looks similar to the same motion as if you are milking a cow. Start out doing only 5 to 10 feet per day until you're ready to advance.

3. Towel Raise – this is actually an exercise in the Kegal exercise department. Kegel exercises are ones in which you are flexing your PC muscle in order to increase the size of erections as Wells being able to control ejaculation. The towel raise is where you will wet down a hand towel and hang it from an erect penis. Then, using your PC muscle you will lift up the towel with only your penis not using your hands. Again, start out with low repetitions and gradually build up.

These are exercises that are proven to help thousands of men get permanent increases in size as well as increased sexual performance. It is advisable that you follow the direction of a structured plan in order to get maximum results in decreed a chance of injury. Below is a link of the program that I followed to successfully achieve the results I was looking for …

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