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3 Best Internet Marketing Ideas For Small Online Businesses

For small online business owners situations are very complicated at the beginning. With vast amount of information it becomes very difficult to decide which marketing methods to opt for. So here I have listed 3 best internet marketing ideas that can bring you a head start for your small online business. It does not matter what category your online business comes under, if you follow the given marketing strategies, your small business will soon be ready to get bigger. Lets start talking about these 3 best internet marketing strategies.

Increase Visibility Through Search Engines:

Your online business must be visible through search engines. More than 90% of people who look for products or service online, first head over to search engines and gather information. If your business is not visible in search engines, you are losing potential clients. So, to get more visibility in search engines, you should try few of the search engine optimization techniques. For example, article marketing, social bookmarking and link exchange.

  • Write few articles related to your business and submit them to popular article directories, such as the one you are reading.
  • For social bookmarking, you need two things. One is your website URL and the another thing is a small description of your website. That is it. Submit them to many famous social bookmarking websites.
  • For a successful link exchange strategy, you will be required to look for other websites that fall under the same category as that of your business. Then contact the webmaster and ask for link exchange. Usually all webmasters who know the importance of SEO agree on such requests.

Submit Your Business to Google’s Local Business:

Many marketing experts still do not know the importance of Google’s local business. You might have noticed when you search in Google for services that require local experts, for example plumbers or electrician or carpenter or even a computer technician, webmaster, SEO experts etc. On the top of the search results, you will find local business listings with a phone number and an address. This is very important for your small online business. Small business do start locally and then eventually spread over globally. You need to make enough money locally in order to invest more and grow your business globally. Google’s Local Business submission is completely free. It may take a day or two in order to verify your business listing.

Start Pay Per Click Campaign to Obtain Fast Results:

Pay Per Click, also known as PPC campaigns are very effective if you require fast results. There are many PPC service providers online. One of the most famous of all is Google AdWords. Once you register you will be asked to provide your ad details. Then they will display your ad to every possible places online. You pay for your ads only when someone clicks on your ad. That is the concept of PPC. And it is very powerful. Google has a large network to display your ads to variety of websites. You must try this one if you need fast results.

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