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3 Tips to Supercharge Your Lifepath Unlimited Business

Running a home based Lifepath Unlimited business that is built on the foundations of your dreams can often be a very frustrating experience. When you first joined the company you probably did so because you had a dream, a vision – to live a life of freedom and happiness thanks to running your own MLM business from the comfort of your home.

Why most MLM businesses fail

Sadly enough, that dream lasts a few months for most new home business owners until the reality hits them hard. Initially you do everything you are told at the live company meetings; you talk to your friends and family, you KNOW that they NEED your help to break them free of their own shackles and yet, people just don’t seem to understand that your product and opportunity is the answer to all their problems.

MLM businesses like Lifepath Unlimited fail because of the way you are told to market your business. Even so your business opportunity offers people a way out of the rat race with fabulous products, people will not be responsive to your offer unless you manage to market to them the smart way – and not the hard way.

Don’t believe everything you are told

If you want to supercharge your Lifepath Unlimited business you must not buy into the outdated marketing practices you are told by your upline. Do you seriously believe they are making a ton of money because they speak with all their friends and family, or drop flyers, post community board notices and what not.

Join the revolution of the new-rich by utilizing the Internet

Network marketing opportunities were flying of the shelves back in the 1980s when everything was new and people still believed into the dreams painted by the companies. Today, we are not only a whole lot more smarter, but also more educated. We now know that those old-style marketing methods don’t work anymore. If you want to see results and build a successful business you must be online.

3 tips to do it right, starting today

The following 3 tips will help you turn your stale Lifepath Unlimited business into something much more powerful, something that can indeed be capable of generating a ton of sales, set you free financially and allow you to live happily ever after:

1. Dispose of the company lead generation site: If you currently pay the company to supply you with a generic lead generation site to capture online leads stop right here. Forget these generic sites because they don’t work!

Instead pay someone else to set you up with a unique, highly targeted website, blog or both to really take advantage of the potential of the Internet.

2. Stop spending more than you make: I know that it is very easy to get swept away when you are told to do this and that in order to really see results in your business, especially if you are among like-minded people at a company event.

These events are cleverly designed to excite you, to make you spend money on company branded tools and brochures. While it’s true that it takes money to make money you have to learn to draw the line somewhere, and put a hold on your excessive spending – at least until you have enough cash flow to do this without losing sleep at night.

3. Learn all you can about direct response marketing: If you truly want to excel in your Lifepath Unlimited business opportunity then you must learn all you can about direct response marketing. It’s the one way traditional MLM and direct sales business model opportunities can still work in an age where prospects are way more clued up about the system and more inclined to turn you down on sight as soon as they smell a cold sale.

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How to Turn Clients Away in 3 Simple Steps

1. Have a horrible website

One of the most important representations of your business is your website. If you want to turn clients away when they visit your website you should;

  • Have lots of different colors and fonts on each page
  • Post a photo that looks like you took it yourself with a cellphone and is really blurry
  • Include clip art icons and cartoon images
  • Use a flash video as the first page and make them watch it before they can access any other pages on your site
  • Have so many graphics that the page takes forever to load and tests their patience
  • List all your pages on your navigation bar and give them lots of choices to click on
  • Let your high school neighbor or teenager design it

2. List your one-on-one coaching session as your only service offering

If you want to turn clients away, you should provide only one product / service and expect them to buy it no matter how expensive it is without even knowing who you are or testing your services with lower end products.

You should also only offer one-on-one coaching sessions in order to limit the amount of clients that you can service and therefore turn away even more clients because you simply will not have the time to coach them all.

You should not provide downloadable products such as eBooks or audios for automatic download and passive income.

3. Market your services to everybody

Create your website content and marketing material with "everyone" in mind. Do not speak to a certain group of people or target market. Spend all your marketing time and money advertising in the most expensive magazines that reach the largest group of people so that you can reach everybody.

Believe that you do not want to limit yourself to a small niche and turn away any client therefore anyone can benefit from your services. In fact, if you want to lose clients by marketing to everyone and anyone;

  • Do not sit down to create a profile of your ideal client (do not include their age, sex, income, location, etc …)
  • Do not spend a few weekends doing research to see where they hangout online and becoming an active member of their forums and social media groups
  • Do not create products and services that provide solutions to their most pressing problems and issues.

I hope you'll take this advice lightly and do the opposite! To recap; have a clean and smartly designed website, create products for passive revenue, and pick a niche / target market.

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Making a Hub About HubPages

As web marketers seek new avenues of guaranteed web site traffic, the race to attract more visitors and customers to an online business is becoming increasingly competitive. Search engines have stricter guidelines for submission and with direct competition that is draining the resources, many online business owners have turned to alternative forms of marketing. Blogs, social sites, forums, and email marketing have gained considerable traction as tools for obtaining more traffic and are cost effective for the budget challenged companies. One such place is HubPages, a site where the internet business owner can use a creative tool to attract a wide audience without the hassles of a costly web page. HubPages is slowly gaining popularity amongst the internet marketing community and it offers a superior alternative to the more traditional online business methods.

With HubPages, anyone can produce sites that are appealing to the masses and are enjoyable to navigate. This innovative site is rapidly becoming a destination for intuitive marketers who are seeking to expand a niche's reach beyond the more formal scopes of internet marketing. In fact, many online business owners will certainly see increased web site traffic from HubPages and that will obviously produces more sales. The site is free to use and enjoys a superb relationship with the major search engines – a definite advantage for any business that seeks a steady stream of visitors.

With HubPages, there is no need to buy targeted traffic – free is free. Also, the unique structure that HubPages employs affords the technically challenged marketers a luxury that is rarely seen on the internet – the ability to create web pages with considerable ease. Each page that is created is known as a "Hub" and these pages become part of a structure of Hubs that are linked together with a common theme or niche. A hub, or hubs, can point to a web site where a product or service is being sold. A hub can link to an affiliate site that you own and, once again, it costs nothing to produce. Additional hubs can lead visitors to your Google AdSense site (s), an Amazon affiliate link, or a sign-up page for future email campaigns.

HubPages is an exciting tool to use in order to obtain guaranteed web site traffic. Expanding your marketing base is often expensive and time consuming. HubPages provides a platform for those who are seeking alternatives in marketing and without the ever-rising costs. Add a hub to your online business strategy.

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7 Network Marketing Suggestions For a Struggling Newbie

This was a big choice that you have made & the thing about doing something new is that most people get overwhelmed, lost & confused which can lead to a very "strange & uncomfortable" feeling for the Newbie.

I've definitely had some struggles in Network Marketing but what I had to realize was that my struggles came from me & not my up line but if you want something bad enough you'll find a way to get it!

7 Network Marketing Suggestions For Struggling Newbies:

Tip # 1: You Do not Have To Be An Expert To Get Started!

As I just mentioned you do not have to be an expert when you get started you just need to get started by learning the basics first & as time permits you can start taking training courses Network Marketing Suggestions For Struggling Newbies.

Most of your experience will come from being in the field networking with people, participating in group meetings & events, doing one on one phone conversations & signing others up into your opportunity.

Tip # 2: Avoid Harassing Your Friends & Family Members This Is One Piece Of Network Marketing Advice For Struggling Newbies That You Need To Take Heed To!

If you're a beginner this is definitely one network marketing advice for newbies that you need to pay attention to because family & friends are usually the worst ones to start talking to because they really do not have much interest in what you are doing unless you become successful that's when they usually want to find out more.

Network Marketing Suggestions For Struggling Newbies

Just keep in mind that although they may start seeing how well your outcome has been their "will & desire" may not be as strong as yours especially after the reality of having to make sacrifices & working long hours kicks in!

Tip # 3: Generate Your Own Leads !

This is one of my favorite network marketing suggestions for struggling newbies, generating your own leads is the best way to go & I do not believe in buying them Network Marketing Suggestions For Struggling Newbies.

Get out & start networking with others in your niche, see what type of questions they are asking, create content out of it & share it with them. They'll be drawn to you like a magnet.

Tip # 4: Be Real With Yourself

Building a business is going to take you time & just because the money does not start coming in after the first few weeks or months does not mean it's time to get discouraged & call it quits what this means is that you need to work smarter & harder.

In fact just go ahead & get your mind ready because success comes by taking one small step at a time & every step you take will get you closer & closer to reaching your goals. Until then take a deep breath & keep it moving!

More Network Marketing Advice For Struggling Newbies

Tip # 5 Never Stop Learning!

This is another one of my favorite network marketing suggestions for struggling newbies because the more you learn the more valuable you become to others.

Plus this your target market will start seeing you as the expert & go to person to help guide everyone else in the industry Network Marketing Advice For Struggling Newbies.

Tip # 6 Time To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

If you are a newbie then you'll be learning lots of new ways on how to communicate & network with others.
So get out of your comfort zone by getting out to different meetings & events to meet & connect with new people.

If you are nervous about getting out & meeting new people then make yourself overcome that fear by getting out anyway. This gave me cold feet at first & now I can not wait to get to the next event.

My Last Piece Of Network Marketing Advice For Struggling Newbies:

Tip # 7: You Are Held Accountable

How many times have we blamed someone else for our failures? I've done it several times before, but in actuality everything that has happened to me in my business & personal life came from the aftermath of the choices that I made.

So do not blame anyone else for your downfalls you are the one that's accountable for your business, you are the one that makes the decision on whether or not you will become successful not your up line.

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How Internet Marketers Can Make Use Of Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing can be a marketing strategy or a business choice where a small part of a larger market is targeted for a product or service. Usually this marketing strategy targets an audience who are most responsive to the product being sold.

Niche Marketing can be used on or offline, but it is most popular online. It is usually based on the needs of a smaller group. This group can be determined by their sex, age, religion, or even their likes and dislikes. Although providers will never turn away customers who are not in the niche they are selling to, they only advertise or make an effort to catch the attention of people in that niche.

This marketing strategy is used online by those involved in Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketers find a niche product or service, develop a website for it and make sure they promote it by heavily targeting the loyal customer base or niche for that product.

This technique is a way of life for most internet marketers. Once the niche is saturated with too many marketers and the income generated is not substantial enough, they move on to other niche products and markets.

The key to success in this line of business is to find undiscovered niches. Those niches tend to be more profitable until they cease to be a niche and then it is time to move on. All niche products cease to be profitable after a while.

Once a decision is made to use this type of marketing technique online, a few things need to be kept in mind. First, make sure the promises and assurances given about the product or service meet the needs of your niche audience. The product must appeal to the target audience or the purpose of the technique will not be met.

Second, make sure you understand your target audience and they understand what unique product or service you're offering. To put it bluntly, know what excites and annoys your niche market. When selling to them it is important that they see you as one of them, not an outsider. You have to gain their trust for the strategy to work. If your customers do not trust you it will not work.

Finally, do your "homework". Identify your competition. If there are too many, you might need to find a new niche, but if there are not many, that's exactly what you're looking for. Make sure you find out what angle they are using to promote the product or service, the materials they are using, and find a new twist or angle to go on. This makes you look fresh and new. Also it gives the target audience an alternative.

To an internet marketer, Niche Marketing is the cornerstone of their business. "If done properly", there are many rewards. You can provide unique products that only you can access. You create a brand that is exclusive to you; and most importantly you create a name for yourself. "Your name" becomes synonymous with a particular brand, product or service.

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Chicken Coop Maintenance – Basic Tips

If you want to keep your chicken house as productive and healthy as possible, you need to do the things I mentioned below. You don’t spend that much time doing them and the benefits are clear, when you don’t get any diseased chickens. Just like any other creature, a chicken will need some care, to keep their health. It doesn’t mean you can’t take any vacation. It just means that you should take care of them whenever you can invest that little time.

First of all, you need to take care of water and food for your chickens. Make sure the hen house has plenty of water and food that is fresh. The chicken’s health will depend on the quality of the water and of the food that they get. This also has an effect on the quality of the eggs laid by the chickens. If you buy cheap chicken feed, you might lose money in the long run.

The price difference between food that is high quality and food that is low quality will not be that big, and in the long run quality food will increase the quality of your products. Don’t forget. What those chickens produce, you eat, so invest in your chickens. The nutrition is very important when it comes to the quality of the products you get from your chicken coop. Another important point is getting them fresh water. Just think how important the water is for a human. It’s not that different for a chicken. Since chickens will make the water dirty quick enough, you need to change it on a regular basis.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is that the watering places and the feeders are positioned in the right places and they’re clean. While this might be just basic stuff, you still need to know it and apply it. You need to realize how important the basics are. Since chickens will make a mess in their area quickly, you should clean it regularly.

You should also clean the water and food devices, either with water and bleach, or with soap that is food safe. If you use bleach and water, the ratio should be 10 to 1. After you clean them, use plenty of water to rinse.

The third thing to consider is that you should inspect the coop when you’re inside. Look for stuff that could let predators inside your coop. The last basic thing to remember is collecting the eggs. Enjoy the product of your work.

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Is It Possible To Earn Money Online Without Spending Money To Do So?

The answer is yes! Although if you have plans to earn and have little to no cash to start, expect it to take time to grow and learn. The key is patience. As they say steady wins the race!

So where would you start? Do you own a website? If not, there are plenty of great free hosting programs out there. When you look into what host will work for you, you will want to first consider longevity. The last thing you want is to spend X amount of hours building a site and fine tuning it, then your host does a disappearing act. Now remember, you can always start out with a free host and trade up as your site begins to bring in revenue.

Now you have a website. What do you do to make money from it?
There are two free ways to earn money. Yes you heard me right, they are free to join it only takes the amount of effort you give to earn money.

One is by joining an affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate the sites you choose to affiliate with will pay you to post banners and ads on your site. If you get them leads, clicks, or sales you stand a chance to earn. Keep in mind that the affiliates you choose should be within the same concept of your site theme and content. Sites about dogs will want to affiliate with other dog sites. Seeing as the people visiting your site are interested in dogs, this will increase the chances of your guests clicking your affiliate link or links. There are several ways to incorporate these links on your site. You can add text links into the actual content of your website, or post banners on your website. Ultimately, it will take some trial and error to get it right and find what works for you.

The second way to earn some revenue is adding designated ad space on your website where people can pay you so they can advertise on your site. Google AdSense is a great example of this, but there are also programs that will let you customize your ad space to your liking and allow you to control how much this ad space will cost for interested parties.

Now most people think that you have to offer a service or product to make money. But what defines what a service or product is? Luckily, on the web a service or product could be as simple as fresh, useful, and unique content. It is really that simple. If you build a site full of quality info, that alone could be a potent online money making product. That content would be capable of bringing in traffic to your site, and if you are able to seamlessly blend your affiliate links into your content, you could stand a good chance of seeing a fair amount of revenue.

For most though, content alone will not bring in enough traffic to fuel high revenue. This is where you start to get into ways to get traffic to your site. There are several routes you can go or even use in any combination of different ways.

One way is surf for traffic sites, that offer you credits to get your site seen in return for viewing other members sites. Promoting these sites can usually get you extra credits for getting others to join and even more from the surfing habits of those they get to join.

Another way is through opt in list's using auto responders. This is a way to bring back guests that may have already visited your site. What you do is offer something free (remember could be advice or tips) in exchange for their name and email. Once they sign up for your advice through the auto responder they will receive time sensitive emails that can help lure them back to your site. Or tell them about one of your great affiliates sites, where you stand to make money from them making a purchase. Auto responders are great on a splash page if you are using the above traffic exchange sites, where members may have 10 to 20 seconds to view your site and they may not want to read through a whole page of your website.

Safe lists are also a way to get free traffic. There are FFA sites that you can join for free that allow you to send emails out to thousands sometimes millions, and in return you agree to except emails from other users of the program.

These are some of the basics to building a revenue earning website with little to no money. Just remember, it all takes time, patience, and lots of trial and error to get it right. Plus any early earnings from your website can be put towards trading up on the quality of your site and it's features.

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Healthy Home and Family: Building a Healthy and Rich Society

It is true that home is our first school and that our family is our first teacher and friend. What value they instill to us is simply what we are enjoying right now. It mainly made us who we are right now. When we say value, it has also something to do with the way we dress. You may never wear sexy prom dresses or show off flaunt prom dresses if they strictly prohibit it.

While there are families that do not strictly impose rules at home, there are those that strictly structuring and shaping their family members with unified and pass on values (values inherited from their elders). Though we are living in a freer and politically independent society today, it is still important to impose limits and boundaries. These limitations and boundaries are first learned at home. The more we are exposed to a home and family that respects boundary, the more we are likely to become patient and respectful.

Certainly, family values will also reflect to the society you are living in. Say, a home with full of violence and anger. This kind of value will definitely be practiced in your environment. Expect a truly violent, disrespectful and even unfriendly manners that will keep on devastating the entire neighborhood.

Sometimes, a home molded with conventional practices is strict not only with what will become of the members’ manners but also to the practices they will be showing to other people. Say, flaunt prom dresses for the first ever prom night. It is impossible to leave home with your sexy prom dresses on.

What molds a family to possess right values?

When we say family, we are referring to a social unit or group of people living together. Family may consist with many or few members. Regardless the number, every member is distinct from each other though they are raised and molded with the same value. This is naturally true since individuals are truly unique from each other just like the exquisiteness of our thumb.

The science of cohering should be imposed correctly. Though family members are molded to love, respect and help each other, it does not mean that everyone should stick with each other forever. As each member grows up and reaches the adulthood, chances are each one will definitely build their own family and leave home. That is why it is important to make everyone understand that though they are living together for a moment, they should develop individuality and sense of responsibility.

Proper communication should be practiced at home. There are no arguments that cannot be settled with a proper and rational conversation. Openness from each other through constant conversation can definitely build a healthy and strong family values. Family members nurtured by this kind of values can often express their feelings. Say, a dream to wear one of those sexy prom dresses. They can have the more freedom to speak for their thoughts and choice. This may help them develop the sense of socialism and friendship. People who are molded with this attitude are society’s asset. They are open to reach to others and help.

One another significant thing to nurture the kids is the importance of decision-making. Weighing things before imposing a decision is really essential. A firm and right decision can build a healthy and wise individual that can be beneficial of building a rich and healthy society.

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What Should Be on Your Super Food List?

What is my favorite raw organic superfoods? That is a tough question. There are just a lot of raw organic superfoods that I really don’t know which is my favorite. And I have to choose one? Can I choose three? Okay, I won’t obey you, I will choose three. Got it?

If I were to choose my three favorite raw organic superfoods, this would be it. First would be Golden Inca Berries. These berries are high in phosphorus and protein. It also has got bioflavonoids which is a good source for an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral properties. It is also easy to take as it can be eaten like a snack or mixed with drinks and salads.

Then another favorite of mine is Tibetan Goji Berries. This other type of berries contain the most powerful probiotic in the world. It can strengthen the immune system, help curb appetite and over-eating, engender a sense of well-being and optimism, increase energy and reduce fatigue and it can also reduce the effects of free radicals in the body. They are also one of the truly great raw organic superfoods out there. Bar none.

And my last favorite raw organic superfood that is definitely not he least is Raw Cacao Nibs. Raw Cacao Nibs as a chocolate is loaded with a lot of super-nutrients. It has got magnesium, MAO inhibitors, anandamine and phenylethylamine,

Now you see my point ? Just looking at those three raw organic superfoods makes it hard for you to decide which one is your favorite. And now you are asking me to choose one. Now you see my point?

Have a nice day!

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Some Useful CV Tips

Writing a CV can be a boring task, however when you've done it once, all you'll need to do is update it the next time. Starting the CV means getting all the relevant personal details on there, such as your name, your address, e-mail and telephone number. It is always helpful for employers if you have your National Insurance number on there because they will be able to see that you're eligible to work within the UK.

Training, Education and results – it is important to have your education history on your CV, but do not list it so that it will cover the entire first page. The two main GCSE grades most employers look out for would be a 'C' in Maths and English or above. If they require more, they would usually state that in the job advert. If you've done some training during your employment or outside of work, put that under the education history.

Employment History – some people start off by putting their very first employment, however, the most important one which employers will firstly look at, would be where you're currently working or what currently doing. Do not just put the date of the employment and name of the employer and nothing else, the responsibilities within your role would be a start as to whether you're suitable for the role you've applied to. Employers will look at your experience and if the duties you've done in that employment matches what they're looking for, then you'll have a great chance of being shortlisted.

If you're temping, make sure you put that on your CV, the length of time worked within the temp roles are short so if you state you're temping, employers will see that you're not job hopping.

If you're not working however, ensure your CV states why, when and what you're currently doing if you're not in employment. This way, the employer will know what you've been up to during the time you're not in work.

If you've had multiple jobs, then write the three most recent ones with your duties in detail and then list the rest. There's no point writing in detail every single one of the jobs you've done, if you've worked there for a short period of time.

Skills – this is an option, though it would be helpful to the employer if you had a skills profile, if for example the role requires you to have excellent IT Skills, you can put that there and state what programs you use and are good at . Even your language skills, if you know more than one language that too will help, especially if you're applying to a job that requires you to be fluent in another language.

Hobbies and interest – only a brief sentence of what you enjoy would be enough. Unless the job states you need to have a certain hobby such enjoying outdoors, if you do, you'll have to elaborate on that eg you enjoy hiking and where you go to hike etc.

Finally, length of CV – If your CV is 3 pages long, stop there. Unless you have a wealth of experience and it would be a waste not to put that in your CV then fine, but if you've only worked in one place … what else is there to write about? Your CV just need the most important and relevant information about your skills and experience. Do not use big size fonts to make it look longer, there's no need. Just keep the font readable, less colours the better, unless you're applying for a designer role then you can make it look as good and colourful as you want.

These are just some useful tips, there'll be plenty more on the web if you just search for it. Good luck!

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