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3 Tips to Creating an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

You have heard the stories of people creating a small fortune with their email list. You now understand its role in your marketing endeavors. You finally realize the importance of building an email list. But, something is wrong. You have followed the advices of the “gurus” to the T and you still are not making a profit.

So what could have gone wrong? Why have others succeeded where you have failed? The first thing you need to understand is just because you wrote people from the list doesn’t mean they are going to buy from you instantly.

Three Tips to Creating an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

1) Get your customers to trust you and your products first.

This is a process that happens over time. The absolute worst thing you can do when someone opts into your email list is begin sending “Sales” letters. You first have to present yourself as an expert and establish your credibility.

You will have to present your new opt in’s with value first. These are emails that continue to address whatever particular challenge they were facing when they joined your list. This is accomplished by setting up your follow-up series with letters to point them BACK TO YOUR BLOG.

2) Send Congruent Messages

This is the key to creating targeted email marketing campaigns. Make sure the email pointing them to your blog post is congruent again to the challenge they are facing. The main problem I have discovered with most failing email list is the individual attempts to manage their email campaign from one Main List.

An example of this is someone opts into your offer promoting a Free Instagram Cheat Sheet. They are then added to your email database and begin receiving tips on how to market on Facebook. Or, they may have opted in to receive your free dieting guide. And, now they get emails promoting how to get traffic to a blog.

Whatever topic or offer you are promoting, create a special list for those individuals.

The fact is, the money will only come in when the consumers and subscribers believe and trust in you. People are not going to buy something out of your recommendation if they don’t know you.

3) Do some Research

I ran a research experiment with 10 network marketers inside my industry. I subscribed to each of their email list. And, then watch to see which ones “attracted” my attention. Within days, I had unsubscribed to over half. What was important was my notes as to WHY I had unsubscribed!

The first reason was “unbelievable claims”. Unbelievable earning, unbelievable results… gone! Why? Their credibility was destroyed with unbelievable claims. If there is one thing I have learned from my network experience, it is the fact that you will not be able to build a six-figure income in one month! It is simply not possible.

Keep your claims to your offers legitimate. If the average person could not produce the same results you claim, your credibility will take a hit.


Building a profitable opt-in list doesn’t just happen overnight. There are many preparations and effort to do. Opt-in lists are built from scratch, as your list grows, you should also maintain the quality of your list. Keep it organized and manageable. Get or hire help if need be, just make sure that your subscribers are happy and satisfied and they will be willing to buy from you.

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11 Email Marketing Tips To Never Forget

You can have 10,000 names on an email marketing list, but if they are all sent directly to trash, you receive no benefit from them. On the other hand, if you have 100 names on an email list and all 100 customers go to your website and place an order, you have made 100 sales. So how do you build a relationship with your subscribers that will lead to future sales?

Following are eleven suggestions on how to make your email marketing list more responsive:

1. Follow a Schedule

You build personal relationships through regular contact. Email marketing is no different. You need to send emails on a regular schedule. They don’t have to be daily or even weekly, but they need to be delivered on the same day or days of the week without fail. Rule of thumb: 80% of your emails should be informative; 20% can carry a sales message.

2. Share Informative Content

• YouTube videos

• Product offers and specials

• Humorous pins or Instagram photos

• Great blog posts (may be your own or by others in your field)

The only way to be sure your emails are opened instead of trashed is to be sure they are informative to your clients. Don’t send a funny pin because it’s funny. (Email marketing is not Facebook.) Be sure it carries a lesson your customer can use.

3. Tell Readers About Yourself

It goes against business writing 101 to say anything personal about yourself, but an email marketing list is not a business letter. A salesman may not sell anything the first five times he talks with a prospective client; but during those five conversations, the client gets to know a little bit more about the salesman. On the sixth visit they make their first purchase. Most people need to get to know you before they are willing to buy from you. So go ahead and share a little bit about yourself in your emails (“little bit” being the key phrase).

4. Let Readers Share with You

A relationship goes two ways. If you have taken time to share a little bit about yourself, then you should allow your readers to do the same. That means you should conclude your email with an invitation to either respond to an email address or to leave comments below. When you do not allow commenting, it appears you have all the answers and do not want to hear from your subscribers. Big mistake!

5. Limit Images

Email is not a website, and many platforms do not allow images. Save yourself and your readers the hassle. Limit the use of images in an email.

6. Third-Party Offers

If you are considering sharing a third-party deal or offer with your readers, take time to ask yourself these questions:

• Did my subscribers sign up for these kind of promotions?

• Is this deal you are considering sharing with them something you have tested yourself?

• If not, do you trust the marketer you are about to connect them with?

If you offend your subscribers, they will probably cancel their subscription. They don’t care whether it is a third-party offer or your own personal information; if they don’t like what they are receiving, they will send it straight to trash.

7. Subject Line Tips

The subject line of the email often determines whether your email is opened or not. Check out this very helpful blog on writing the perfect subject line.

8. Stay True to Yourself

There are a number of email marketing suggestions that make businesses look like scams. Don’t assume because someone wrote it, you should try it. If it is not something you believe in, then pass and try something else. You’re not trying to build a relationship with the person who writes suggestions; you want a relationship with your customers. Let your list see the real you. To build trust, you want to show you are honest and loyal and keep your word.

Stay on top of and follow the spam regulations. Otherwise, a disgruntled subscriber may file a complaint against you.

9. Add an Unsubscribe Link

Don’t forget to give subscribers an easy way to unsubscribe if they want to. You don’t want them to mark your email as spam because they can’t find a way to unsubscribe.

10. Limit Size of Email Template

Again, various mail programs limit what comes into email boxes. Be sure your template is small rather than large so it is allowed by all email servers.

11. Call to Action

Decide what you really want your customer to do as a result of your email (click a link, purchase a product, etc.), and include a request for them to do that. Only use one call to action per email!

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How to Use an Email Marketing Service

For this demonstration we will discuss the use of an email marketing auto-responder tool called Get Response which is a proven tool and been around for quite some time. The great news is that you will be offered access to a 90 day university class to learn all you need to know about successful email marketing. From content to best times to send mail right down to targeted exposure and infinite sales.

This auto-responder will require you to set-up Newsletters and Auto-Responder messages, but there’s a difference between this two. Your Auto-Responder email message should start with a welcoming message on Day 0 which you will see inside your Auto-Responder. Follow up email messages must be spaced preferably around 7 days apart, so from day 0 your next Auto-Responder email should be on day 7. Thereafter should be day 14, day 21 and increase in multiplications of seven. This is basically only One Auto-Responder email per week because you do not want to annoy your subscribers.

Your Auto-Responder email messages must not contain any links to any affiliate offers. You only include the URL to your own website in your email signature or at the end of your email because your affiliate offer should be waiting for your visitor on your website.

Your Newsletter is where you share methods and tactics with products within your niche. Before you even start sending these you must be completely certain that your product you wish to promote does in fact actually work. The only way to do that is to purchasing the product you wish to promote and test for yourself. This way you will be able to inform your visitor much better which is more likely to end in a sale.

With your Newsletter, you can however include affiliate links providing you insert them as hyperlinks. All the tools you need to do this is inside this Email Marketing Service. But with a newsletter you should concentrate on a certain proven responsive time to send newsletter emails to your subscribers.

As for days of the week you need to focus on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only resulting in no more than 3 newsletter email messages per week. Best times can vary and could be in the morning from 7 am – 10 am, in the afternoon from 1 pm – 3 pm and in the evenings from 7 pm – 9 pm proved to be quite responsive.

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Working At Home: Make Money Online

Have you ever wanted to work at home? Be your own boss and make your own hours? Are a mother and wanting to stay at home with your kids, but don’t know how you can do that and provide for your family? Have you ever thought about working at home and making money online? How can you do that and still bring home enough money to feed your family?

There are many questions that you will have in reference to having your own business or working from home. There are also many different things that you can do to get the money that you need to live comfortably. You just have to know what they are and how to get started. The best thing about it is that you can do it from your own home without getting dressed for work.

Now, you may be wanting to know what that something is. Well you can buy things at wholesale prices. Things that are broken and you can fix, then turn around and sell them online. Such as on eBay. You can make your own store and sell all type of things online. Making money instantly with every purchase.

You may a talent where you make special things. Whether it be with wood or baskets or whatever. You can even sell these things online. Put up a website to showcase your items, market them, and watch the sells come in. It only takes you a little time and effort to see how to make things work. Then you can join the millions that are working at home and making money online. These are just a few of the things that you can do at home. You can find more by getting online and doing a simple search.

One of the newest trends is the growth of the technological environment. Millions, if not billions, of people access the internet everyday. This is a huge market to take advantage of. After several searches I found a website that guided me through online marketing. I followed their instructions and guidance, and soon found myself earning residual income. The internet poses a great opportunity, take advantage!

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Make Money From Home Without Spending A Cent – The Top Reasons Businesses Fail

Lack of Experience

Insufficient experience at running a business is one of the big reasons many new start-ups fail within the first year or two. Just because you do not have a lot of experience does not automatically mean that your business will be a failure, but knowing this is a big reason for business failure should motivate you to learn the ins and outs before jumping in head first. There are plenty of places one can learn what needs to be done, you are able to research online and find advice and stories that will help you gain some insight into running a business. Another thing you can do is ask someone you may know that runs their own business, pick their brains for a while and allow them to be a coach to you. This will increase the chances of you making your business a success after the first year and for many years into the future. Knowledge is the key, so learn everything you can prior to making the jump, and do not let the lack of experience help you stay down!

Bad Management

Not all of them, though bad management is another of the main reasons that many new businesses fail, some can say this is due to lack of experience, and that could be true in many cases. There have been many people who have started new businesses that had plenty of experience but because of bad administration choices, the business fell level on their faces. Bad management can take many forms; one of these could be bad management of finances, which could cause a business to go downhill really fast. Someone who knows what they are doing can help eliminate the business failing because of bad money management, this is one of the reasons it is a good idea to hire an accountant to help manage the financial part of any organization. Another example of bad administration is hiring people to run the business for you and not paying attention at all to what is going on. In most cases, this is just setting yourself up for failure, though some people think, they can just start a business and hire people to let them run it right from the get go. If you do hire individuals to assist and manage to run the company, you should still always know what is going on, plus you need to have confidence in the people you have been running your company. Checking every aspect of your business will ensure that things go well, which is the only way to do it as a startup.

Lack of Planning

Sometimes individuals have all of the right intentions when starting a business, but many occasions’ people get anxious and start and excited the business right with little or no planning. And this is extremely important if you are searching to get some help funding the company at the startup, having your own business plan laid out before you launch is essential. When you are trying to get a loan to produce your company, almost all banks wish to see your business plan, so this is the first thing anyone should do when starting a new business endeavor. Insufficient planning can hurt in many other ways as well; another example is not having enough items to meet the possible demand you may encounter. Thinking everything via beforehand is a must, as well as knowing what you need to start off successfully. There are lots of organizations that can assist you in beginning a business for the first time, and seeking out one of these types of organizations to acquire going can be a big help and will definitely make sure you have planned everything out so that your business has a great possibility of being a success.

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How To Make Money From Home – Should You Wait On The Economy To Get Better To Own A Business?

Most people are afraid to start their own business because they feel that the economy is not stable enough. However, even though the economy is not good, there is never a great time to start your own business. To own a successful business, whether the economy is good or bad, you must have the right education and tools needed to succeed. For example, even if the economy was great, if you are not trained properly in the business world, you will still fail. It does not matter whether the economy is poor or great, if you want to see success, use these tips.

How To Make Money From Home 1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Risk.

Helen Keller once stated, “Life either is certainly not an adventure.” Some will approvingly nod their heads, while others are a lot much more comfortable just doing what they have always done before. A place in the middle is the knowledge that making progress requires being open to fresh technology and concepts, and, occasionally, fresh environments. These fresh methods of doing issues temporarily remove us from the comfort zones, and they frequently lead to great things as well. We should always be open to reaching out to those who are able to help if a concept needs the experience of others. I regularly rely on people who follow me on Facebook and Twitter to advise me about problems or to steer me to useful connections.

How To Make Money From Home 2. Say good-bye to doubt.

But a phobia of moving ahead has you paralyzed, take it step by step, if you possess good ideas. Many times we’ll blame lack of knowledge and funds, and support when, in fact, we’re blocking our road to success. Do not listen to negativity; have faith. You may be stunned at what you’re in a position achieve.

How To Make Money From Home 3. Recognize little things you have accomplished.

Celebrate, as you make that initial sale. As you diffuse a problem that might have exploded out of control, give yourself a pat on your back. Those little victories will serve as a reminder of how talented you are, and that you acquire more business successes to go.

Ultimately, it is up to you, although others may assist you on your path to self-confidence. Following the above steps will guide you toward what you need to improve your business, and to convince yourself that you are able and willing to excel.

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Work From Home – Make Money Online With Your Own Ebook Business

Do you want to work from home and make money online? Perhaps you’d like to start your own eBook business. If you’ve dreamed of having your own online business that makes you money each and every day, then this article is for you. There are several ways to make money online working from home. One of the best ways to make money on the internet is by selling eBooks. eBooks are books in electronic format. They are delivered over the internet.

Seriously, eBooks sell. eBooks are hot. Every day, millions of people go on the internet searching for information. When they find the information they’re looking for, they want it instantly. They don’t want to wait. This creates an opportunity for you to provide the information they want by creating and selling your own eBooks.

While there is profit to be made selling other people’s information products, the bulk of the cash goes to owners of the information products. The benefits of creating and selling eBooks are incredible…

1. Your start-up costs are incredibly low.

2. You can run this business from anywhere in the world – as long as you have a computer and internet access.

3. eBooks have a high profit margin.

4. You don’t have an inventory to deal with. You don’t have to ship or package anything.

5. You don’t have to worry about running out of stock because your product is in digital format. Customers will continue to download the eBook after each purchase.

6. You can totally automate your website sales process so that it instantly sells your product, and delivers it for you without any involvement on your part. That way, you’ll still be able to make money even when you’re out having fun.

If you have an idea for an eBook, the first step you must do is research the demand for the topic you have in mind. You want to make sure that your eBook will sell. Don’t create a product and hope people will start looking for it. There must be a strong market for the product you want to create. Then all you need to do is create a product which people are already looking for.

If you want to learn more about how you can easily create your own eBooks and make maximum profits, you need to get your hands on a proven guide that will show you how. A good guidebook will show you the complete process from beginning to end. Once you have the information, you can create as many hot selling eBooks as you like.

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Earn Money From Home – Surprising Tips To Help You Start Living A Higher-Quality Lifestyle

Here are some reasons why you should be your own boss:

Earn Money From Home 1. You’re responsible for Your Income. Eventually, the sky will be the limit as you develop your company, although this can be seen as a professional or a con at first. Initially, seeking self-employment might not make you as much as you used to, and you also may have to worry about issues like individual insurance policy. The huge advantage is the fact that you retain every dime that you make and your salary is not capped by your employer.

Earn Money From Home 2. You Have Creative Control. You get to make all of your decisions, no one else is telling you what to do. This is massive because many people run into monotony issues at their jobs. You can also pick and choose the types of jobs you take if you can choose the business you want. You do what you want, when you want.

Earn Money From Home 3. You’re responsible for Your Success. If you’re self-employed, you can truly make a difference when you start your own business. This is because the success of the business lies on your shoulder area. When you work for a large corporation, it’s easy to mix in with the rest of the employees and feel as if it doesn’t even matter whether or not you show up to work. While you’ll still have to work hard when you’re self-employed, you really matter since you are your business.

Bonus Tip 4. You Set Your Own Hours. Setting your own hours is a huge advantage. You know yourself best, and you’ll be able to build a schedule that’s most efficient for you personally. If you want to work really hard one day, and take a half time the next day, that’s perfectly fine when you’re self-employed. You can work all night and sleep all day long if that’s your personal preference!

Bonus Tip 5. You’ll Be Challenged. Most people will find that they not only reach a salary cap when they work with someone else, but they also reach a point where they’re no longer challenged. When you embark on this new journey for yourself, it’ll be a risk, and it’ll be a challenge. Also, as you keep gaining experience and earnings, you’ll continue to be challenged as you reach higher and higher amounts.

Bonus Tip 6. You Can’t Get Fired. This is a great reason in itself. In the self-employment world, you can’t get fired! You can improve your mind about certain work at home opportunities, but that would just be changing the focus of your business; you’d never be firing yourself. If you’re performing a superb job, this requires a certain amount of burden off the shoulders because you don’t need to worry about someone suddenly taking away your income just because of cutbacks even.

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