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How to Set Up an Affiliate Website That Generates Sales?

So, you have involved in affiliate marketing program and now you are asking yourself, “How to set up an affiliate website that generates sales?” There are different types of affiliate marketing websites used for different objectives. And which type of affiliate website you want is also depends upon your niche and your targeted market. In this article you will get a brief knowledge of some different types of affiliate websites.

So, how to set up an affiliate website that generates sales?

1. Opt-in Mini site: – It’s also known as squeeze page. This type of affiliate marketing website is very popular and also it is used by internet gurus. It is a single page website with an autoresponder service. The main purpose of this type of websites is to encourage the visitors to sign up for free e-course, e-training or just for a free ebook. Thereafter, affiliates run a series of follow-up messages that was designed to clinch the sale. This type of affiliate marketing website is very effective to generate sales.

2. Portal: – Portals are the big types of websites that content all types of PREsell materials. These are full of informational articles, videos, audios and software. Actually, these websites are made for search engines and webmasters want to generate huge amount of traffic through search engines. It is quite hard for a newbie to make a portal for affiliate sales. But once you get some ideas about SEO, SEM article marketing and keyword research, then portal will be the best option for you.

3. Mini Review site: – Mini Review site content some reviews about different products in the same niche. It is a few pages website that encourage visitors to click the affiliate link and buy the product. Graphics is much important in a mini review website and also it should full of images.

So, these are the types of affiliate website that can generate huge amount of sales if you build traffic on it. Think about your customer while setting up an affiliate website. Opt-in mini site is the best for an internet-marketing product. And mini review site is the best option for some non internet-marketing products.

Another great way to sale affiliate products is blogging. Just run a blog with full of informational material of your niche, Also write reviews of your affiliate products on it. Affiliate marketing is all about relation building and blogging is a great way to build relationship with your possible customers. And also, it will allow you to generate traffic from search engines. You have gotten all information, now you just need to pick up one option that fits you.

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Three Ways to Make Money Writing Online

I make money writing for a living. As a freelance writer, I choose my own hours, work for whichever clients I want and enjoy steady writing opportunities that never dry up.

Working three to four hours a day, I make about $20,000 per year – that’s a full-time income for some people, and I’m only working part-time.

Making money writing is a great way to make a part-time or even full-time income. If you’re a stay at home parent, augment your grocery and Wal-mart budget by writing a few articles a week – the income adds up fast.

College students make great money writing online. I personally know a college student who is very close to paying off $20,000 in student loans, just by writing online as a freelance writer. Many college students have difficult finding a job straight out of college, so becoming a freelance writer is a great way to cover rent, car payments, insurance and student loans.

You, too can make money writing online as I do.

You probably won’t get rich quick as a freelance writer. But you’ll make steady income that you can depend on to buy food, clothing, doctor bills and even vacations.

Here’s the top three ways you can begin to make money writing:

1. Start a free blog: The minute you sign up for a free blog, you can also sign up with Google AdSense and place relevant ads alongside your content. A few cents here and there will trickle in, and pretty soon you’ll be making several dollars a day. It might take several months for this to occur, but keep adding to your collection of blog posts, and pretty soon you’ll have residual income that will keep paying you for years to come.

2. Apply as a freelance writer for outsource freelancer sites: Web sites like and provide freelance writers with a free platform on which to post a resume, previous professional experience and a list of qualifications. Take proficiency tests in English, spelling and grammar and show off your scores to potential employers.

The drawback of applying for jobs on a freelance website is that it can take ages to find a job. You have thousands of competitors vying for juicy, high-paying freelance writing jobs. Unless you stand out as a star with lots of previous work experience, you’ll be stuck applying for cheap jobs just to build clout.

Freelance writing sites also take a portion of your income. Hey, they have to make money, too, so it’s totally fair, but you might feel a little jipped. Plus, they put limits on how many jobs you can bid for at a time, so if clients turn you down on each application, you must wait until the next month when the limit period is up.

3. Become a freelance writer for a paid article media publisher: This is how I make money writing. Every morning I wake up and select five or six writing assignments to complete for the day. I usually have the bulk of my work done before lunch. Each article pays between $3 to $15 per assignments – I usually stick to the $15 ones, but the $3, $5, and $10 ones are a nice change if I need a break.

There are many, many web sites that pay writers for their articles. Some, like Associated Content, pay both up front and bonus payments. That means you get paid when you submit the article and when viewers read the article.

There are other sites that pay based exclusively on how many views your articles receive. Some pay as much as $3.50 per thousand views. That means if your article receives 5,000 views, you get paid $17.50. Not bad for 400-500 words!

Still more sites share ad revenue on articles. These media publishers place ads alongside your articles and whenever a reader clicks on the ad, you split the revenue. Most sites pay their writers 50 to 100 percent of the revenue.

Making money writing online is a great way to take a financial load off your back. But don’t try to go it alone. Many writers experience lack of enthusiasm and burnout when they try to write all by themselves. Some need a little help with grammar, others need inspiration to figure out what to write each day.

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How to Build an Internet Marketing List For Free

If you have been in the internet marketing community for some time you have heard it over and over again. The money is in the list… everyone knows this.

Having a large list has multiple benefits:

1) Be able to promote affiliate products.

2) Be able to do launches where you make a lot of money in a short amount of time.

3) Be able to do ad swaps with other people and grow your list very quickly.

The fact of the matter is that if you don’t have a list… you don’t have a business.

So how do you build one.

It’s very easy… people are looking for a magic button that they can push and their list will grow, but the reality is that there are only two things you have to do.

1) Have something of value to give.

2) Give it away in exchange for their email address.

That is it! If you don’t know the actual skills of setting up and getting email addresses make sure to check out the resource box for 22 free videos on how to do this easily.

Now that you have a list… treat them like gold, only give them stuff of value. And don’t pitch too much. Give great content and your list will develop trust for you and like and actually take action on what you recommend to them.

It really is that easy to build a list, but most people never get started because it’s not growing too fast. Everybody’s list started at zero. Just get started today and before you know it… you will be able to drive traffic to anyone’s website instantly, and get paid for it.

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Big Companies Pay You to Advertise For Them

How great would it be if you could make all of the businesses in the world work for you? Whenever they made money, you would make money, even better you would do it sitting at your home, working from your personal computer. Let me tell you from personal experience that I know it can happen. No matter what size the business is, or what service or product that they provide the public, they all have one thing in common.

Every business has to advertise. Without advertisements the company would fail. Now you are asking what this could possible have to do with you, right? That is simple, companies especially the bigger ones pay people to advertise for them. These companies do not have the time to put into thinking of new ways to advertise their business, in fact they are more than happy to let someone else do it for them. Why not step up to the plate and be their freelance advertiser? Generating sales is always a valuable skill to have where ever you are and whatever you do!

As a freelance advertiser, the companies would rely on you to think of new ways to bring their businesses into the public’s eye. To succeed at this, all you need is to be able to think outside the box, and to stay ahead of the game. If you are a self motivated person, with an unique eye for advertising, than this is just what you are looking for. Having a freelance advertising company gives you the freedom to live your life.

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Legitimate Income From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept where a business will pay its affiliate for bringing customers to the business. It was created by William J. Tobin in the late 1980s. He and his company, PC Flowers & Gifts, took a mere four years to make more than $6 million annually in sales. This proved that affiliate marketing can be an extremely profitable practice.

Affiliate marketing has grown fast and wide in its practice since its beginning. With the help of the Internet, businesses and affiliates are able to access, generate leads and drive customers to the products and business they would like to promote more effectively. All types of business can and have benefitted from affiliate marketing. Retail industries and internet file sharing businesses have also been very lucrative.

You might be asking yourself how people and affiliates make money. The affiliates are compensated in a variety of ways; pay-per-sale, cost-per-action, cost-per-click and cost-per-mile are some of the most often used methods of compensation for affiliates who bring in revenue and customers to the company they work for.

Compensation methods are changing to satisfy the needs of the changing world. Some people have used dishonest methods, such as click fraud, to create false results for a higher income. Companies have responded by reducing the use of the cost-per-click method of remuneration to their affiliates.

Most Internet users are acquainted with terms such as spam and adware. Although spam is unsolicited and therefore not illegal, there are legitimate methods of using adware and tracking cookies from potential buyers, by correctly letting them know of such possibilities and getting their permission.

To make sure that the affiliates generate sales producing work and are compensated accordingly, many companies use a performance based remuneration method. Cost-per-click or cost-per-mile sales place the responsibility on the company and not the affiliate. On the other hand, performance marketing will pay the affiliate based on the actual sales they generate. They may also offer incentives to encourage harder working and higher performing affiliates.

It is not very difficult to get started with affiliate marketing. Presently there is no set standard in the industry to make sure that all of the affiliates and companies act according to a code of ethical business practice. Since the world of the Internet and affiliate marketing changes so fast, it is not an easy task to keep up with all of the fast changing new waves of high income affiliate marketing.

The most effective way of making a good to excellent income with affiliate marketing is to put in a real effort, hard work, and follow the legal standards of marketing. This will guarantee steady income and a good reputation. Learn as much as you can about the business you will find success.

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Commercial Property Management – Checklists for Property Management Handovers

As a commercial property manager, you will frequently be involved with property management handovers. When you are on the receiving end of the process, you will understand just how important the information gathering process can be.

It is not unusual to get a level of reluctance on the part of the previous property manager or landlord to cooperate through the handover process. When they are losing a property to another agent, they are really not greatly interested in telling you everything. For this reason attention to detail in the handover process is very important. If you are at the receiving end of the handover you will have to be very careful that you collect all the right detail and ask all the right questions.

The simple fact of a property management handover is that you must achieve full awareness and accurate details of all the property elements and activities. Without these facts you can make mistakes and create errors.

The larger and more complex the property to be managed and taken through the handover, the greater the variety of issues that potentially can be involved; so be prepared to ask the right questions and gather the right information.

Here is a simple checklist of some of the major issues involved in the property handover.

  1. Get a copy of all plans associated with the property title, improvements, surveys, and tenancies. These will be invaluable when it comes to managing the property into the future.
  2. Get details of contractors appointed to the property and the maintenance duties that they undertake.
  3. Any fit out plans associated with the individual leases should also be provided to you. All fit outs should have been approved through the previous property owner and those works should comply with the current building codes. This says that the tenant should have achieved approval for construction prior to the fit out work commencing.
  4. As built drawings associated with the building will give you details of design factors associated with the improvements within the property at the time of construction. The as built drawings will normally be for electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, air conditioning, lighting, and structural issues.
  5. Particular rules and regulations will apply to the function and occupancy of the building. The local building codes and planning regulations will stipulate what those rules and regulations are. It pays to visit the local council offices to ensure that you have awareness of any rights restrictions and obligations that apply to the property.
  6. The essential services to the property will have to be managed within building safety codes and compliances. Your property contractors should provide some assistance here.
  7. Look for unusual property matters such as those associated with energy, heritage, environmental, and statutory charges or notices. Visit the local building authority to check for any outstanding matters here.
  8. Copy of all lease documentation will be important to the ongoing occupancy in the building. Those leases will have particular critical dates relating to rent reviews, options, lease expiries, and other particular lease obligations. When you get a copy of the lease documentation, it pays to go through all leases comprehensively to collect and understand the critical dates. These dates should be entered into some form of a diary system to alert you at the right time in the future to take the right action.
  9. The leases should be checked against the current rent invoices. The rent invoices should be accurate for and with regard to the terms and conditions of each of the leases. On this basis you need to check and cross reference the rental invoices and charges raised. Look for not only rental matters but also outgoings charges and any other charges that can be raised against the tenancy.
  10. Are all tenants on current leases that have been correctly enforced? It’s a smart question to explore early at the time of property handover.
  11. Any matters of arrears or breach of lease should be flagged to you for continued appropriate action. Copies of existing correspondence in these matters should also be provided to you. Problem tenants should be flagged for action and attention.
  12. The outgoings charges and recovery strategy within the property will be supported by the lease structures and dates. Some tenants will be contributing towards building outgoings as part of their monthly or weekly rent charges. You will need to understand just how the process has been handled in the past and get the current status of recoveries from the various tenants today.
  13. A history of outgoings reconciliations and payments over the last few years will help you with future budgets and tenant lease reconciliations. Outgoings impact the net income and property price and should be respected on that basis.

There are other matters relating to the handover process that should be added to these we have detailed above. The best way to approach the handover of a property is to use a checklist specifically taking into account all the factors of the property type and the local area.

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A Simple Guide To Body Building

Most people think that body building is only for the people who want to bulk up and get bulging muscles. Well, that is not exactly true. Body building is not just about getting the washboard abs or the sculpted muscles; it is also about getting fit and losing weight. That is why a simple guide to body building would be useful for beginners and people who may be interested in losing weight.

One secret to body building lies in having a varied routine. If all you ever do is bench presses, you will overdevelop some muscles and not develop others. As a result, you leave your body open to injury. Additionally, having a varied routine keeps you from getting bored and dropping out. Have a good simple guide laying out the steps you need to take to have a good workout is important.

Your guide to body building can either be in the form of a book, a DVD, an instructor, or a mentor. However you go about getting the information you need to properly work out, you need to learn the proper method to lift weights so that you do not injure yourself.

One major benefit to body building is that it is a great way to lose weight. Lifting weights, combined with a sensible diet, is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and keep it off. One way to ensure you do this properly is to use a nutrition guide, prepared by a licensed nutritionist, showing healthy low calorie meals and snacks.

Regardless of how much effort you actually put into body building, you can get some great benefits. Even a small amount of weight lifting will have some pronounced effect on your health. And as you lose weight and firm up, the compliments you get from your friends will encourage you to continue with your workouts.

I guess it is OK to have the fantasy of developing the ripped physique, but the reality for most of us is we simply will not put enough into body building to develop the six pack abs. However, that doesn’t mean that we should abandon all our efforts at body building. We can still lose weight, and get in much better physical shape. All it takes is a little effort and a good mentor to guide us on our way.

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Make Money From Online Survey Websites – Earn Cash Today

There are millions of people making money from online survey websites in 2008. Too bad that 90% of them aren’t getting nearly as much as they should be. Too many of them are wasting their time at low end, bottom of the barrel places when they should be trying to find the truly superb ones. Let me share a secret with that that will help you find tons of high quality sites.

I am going to keep this short and simple. I try to keep away from search engines when trying to find good online survey websites. All that pulls up is a jumbled mess of sites and you have no clue which ones are the truly great ones where you can make good money. It’s that fact alone that keeps me far, far away fro many search engine.

Here is what I do instead when trying to find new, fresh online survey websites that pay…

I go over to any of the huge internet forums that I have found. Finding big forums is simple, and once you do, there will be a wealth of information waiting for your concerning great online survey websites. It’s like striking oil. This is where you can find tons of topics and these topics will include the links to the wonder online survey websites that other people have found. People love to brag when they earn some good money, which his why forums are the perfect place to see where people are earning it. It’s as simple as that.

Making money with online survey websites is the perfect way to get the cash you deserve and forums are the perfect way to find them.

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Internet Marketing Lessons From A Side-Trip In Las Vegas

While attending an Internet marketing seminar in Las Vegas

recently, I decided to spend some time observing how those

with huge budgets market. I reasoned that in a city where

buildings often cost billions (with a B), they must know a

thing or two about effective marketing.

In this article, I’ll share just a few hours that I took

out from my day to tour a timeshare resort.

While walking through the casino where we happened to be

staying, my wife and I were approached by a casino

employee. He asked if we’d be interested in a few free

shows, and some buffet meals. My interest was piqued, and

I wanted to see how such a huge operation used a freebie

as a lead generator.

The employee steered us to a information counter where we

were told that to get the freebies, we needed to attend a

one-hour tour of a local resort… with no other obligations.

They did require a $40 deposit to reserve our spot on the

bus, and to ensure that we showed up.

At this point, the marketer in me “was game” even though

I considered my one hour… plus travel time, worth much

more than the value of the tickets and meals. However, I

wanted to compare their marketing to mine, so I went along.

At the appointed time, I showed up, filled out a short

form, that basically entered ALL of my contact info into

their funnel, and got on the bus.

On the bus, we were given a short survey to take that would

be used by the sales person to structure their pitch. The

survey asked about our opinions and travel habits. It also

was VERY leading… pointing out how much more sense it made

to stay in a 5 star resort condo for only $200 per week,

than it did to stay in a “ratty” hotel for $200 per night.

Getting off the bus, they collected our survey forms at the

door, and then seated us all in a large room that, among other

things, had a guy on a ukulele singing and providing mood music.

A sales rep walked into the room periodically and yelled out

one of our names. They’d then ask a few very brief questions

and tell us that a guide would be with us shortly. I suspect

that the purpose of that “little exercise” was to assess each

couple or prospect, and try to figure out which sales person

it would be best to match them up with. They were matching us

up with someone enough “like us” that we’d probably like them

… and maybe even want to help them make a sale.

They fully understood that “people prefer buying from people

that they know, like and trust.” People are also often more

inclined to buy from people that they feel are “like them.”

Our tour guide/sales person guided us into a large

presentation room where we were seated with our sales person.

Dozens of other couples were similarly seated in the room.

The sales person got enough preliminary information out of us

so that as we went around the room later, they could share

something special about each couple with the group. They

were somewhat creating a sense of community… or connection.

Next, one of the better sales people got up front and made

the first pitch, rolling in things such as scarcity, social

proof, consistency, authority… all of the things that I’d

read about in Robert Cialdini’s book, “Influence, The Psychology

of Persuasion.”

As the presentation proceeded, people in the room frequently

clapped at certain statements. Most of these were sales people,

but before long the prospects were also clapping.

I reflected upon the fact that on comedy television shows they

overlay “laugh tracks” to que you as to how you are suppose

to feel and respond. Cialdini tells of how they even had

people in the opera whose job it was to stand up and start

clapping to trigger that same response.

I smiled as I observed how well they orchestrated the

psychological triggers that I somewhat understood.

During the presentation it was pointed out how rapidly phase

1 of the project had sold out and how likely phase 2 was to

quickly sell out. In the pit of my stomach, I began to sense

the urgency/scarcity of the situation.

They continued by pointing out how rapidly prices were indeed

increasing for property in Las Vegas, and how the cost of a

unit on that condo could very well double by next year. The

urgency continued to build, except that the salesman in me

was enjoying watching the crowd more than I was paying

attention to the message. There was a small voice in the back

of my head reminding me that I didn’t travel to Las Vegas

searching for property, and in-fact had never even considered

living in Las Vegas.

They mentioned all of the celebrities, politician, and “big

wigs” who were a part of the project. Our sales person also

mentioned that she was an owner from phases I. That played

on a number of psychological factors including authority…

and social proof.

As we wrapped up the group presentation, and our guide took us

on a tour of the property, it was repeatedly point out to us

how “it only made sense” to purchase if we took even one

vacation a year. That point was really hammered home… much

as many online copywriters point out how much of a “no-brainer”

certain decisions are.

As the tour wound down, the sales person asked what we though.

She did several trial closes and also looking for the decision


My wife deferred to me, and I said that I rarely made snap

decisions. She pointed out that some people would instantly

“see the value” and that others wouldn’t. She emphasized that

since Las Vegas saw million of visitors per week, it really

was “no big deal.” My mind instantly flashed back to sales

letters that I’ve read where they point out that “they’ll

eat steak that night regardless of my decision.”

As I declined “the deal of the century,” naturally the sales

manager and other “very likable people” were brought in to

help out.

They assumed that it was “a price issue” so they strove to

determine what monthly payment I would be comfortable with.

They enlightened me to the fact that this was the only number

that really mattered ๐Ÿ™‚

As someone with a harddrive full of digital properties

(resale rights to ebooks, software, etc.) that I might never use,

I CERTAINLY saw no logic in buying real properties that I might

never use!

The sales person asked me what she did wrong… and pointed

out that her manager would be critiquing her performance so

she really wanted to know. I wasn’t sure if this was an

attempt at making me feel guilty… and to therefore reconsider,

or if it was a genuine effort to determine how to improve

their process.

The sales manager asked me similar questions, patiently

waiting for me to talk myself into reconsidering ๐Ÿ™‚

In the closing room, whenever a customer said yes, they put on

a big show, to include having them spin a wheel for a big prize.

That offered more social proof, and gave them an opportunity

to build value by piling on the bonuses.

In the end, I didn’t purchase but did feel that I’d gained

tremendous value from the experience. I saw how many of the

very things that we used in our online marketing are used in

“higher stakes” offline marketing. Practically everything that

they did made perfect sense, and I could see that I was

dealing with a well-oiled selling machine.”

As they transported me back to my hotel-casino, I also smiled

at the fact that while they had indicated that it was a “now

or never deal,” they also had my mailing address, phone

number, email address, and enough demographic data to follow-up

with me forever… if they choose to. I’m certain that they

will, and so I look forward to continuing to hone my online

marketing skills by studying sales people trained in a

“billion dollar environment.”

I also appreciate the fact that they staunchly refused to

discuss my going home and “thinking about it.” That simply

was never acknowledged as an option. They framed is as there

will be millions more next week, so we will sell out soon.

They closed the door of too many options, and I’m sure that

that increased their closing rate (since most who say that

they want to think about it, are soon sidetracked).

As an aside, during the formal presentation, they showed

how hotel after hotel was being bought up, and then imploded,

so that they could build several billion dollars resort casinos

on the same land. They frequently tossed around “the B word,”

and I could see that they were both building value and doing

an “apples to oranges” sales pitch.

I was mildly impressed when they mentioned that hundred million

dollar building were often bought only because someone wanted

the parking lot!

My little excursion provided dozens of other marketing lessons

that, if you are really listening, PROVE to you how effective the

very things that you are taught online everyday can be. The

fact that I am a sales person also shows that when you market

in a niche that’s full of other marketers (such as Internet

marketing) you will face a tougher challenge than you would if

you were marketing to someone who didn’t analyze your every


Now I feel less guilty about skipping some of the seminar

presentations. As you can see, I WAS working. I was studying

how others practice my profession ๐Ÿ™‚

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My Blogging Experience – Discovering the Online Wealth

What is your experience in Blogging?

I hope you have not started like me. Having no knowledge about the virtual business, I ventured to find a share of the treasure which has made so many millionaires.

Blogging was a term totally new to me when I first started on the internet. My online career started with network marketing. Being a total newbie to network marketing, at that time my upline told me that I should open up an account at free blogging site and promote my business. And that is what I did. Having no clue how to generate traffic or audience to my first page. I hardly got any instructions on how to build a blog page or how to post articles.

Yet with trial and error, I managed to get in my first post and anxiously waited for visitors to turn up. Well, to my disappointment I had been waiting and waiting and waiting.

So why on earth wasn’t I getting and traffic to my site?

What was never told to me was that I had to frequently update my blog. Although Google likes, you need to post articles regularly, that what makes Google page crawlers look for interesting stuff in your articles. As I told you I was a total newbie to the internet, all I knew was type something on the Google search box and VOILA the answer was there for me.

Terms like keywords, page rankings, search engine optimisation etc. were things like someone was talking to me in “Martian” language. My response Yeah! Yeah! I have heard about it. But honestly haven’t had a clue what it was. Neither was I courageous to ask someone what was it all about.

So those days have been quite painful for me struggling to make that 1st appearance on the internet.

I was disappointed, still looking for answers to my questions but no where to find it. Finally, my blog went to a “sleeping mode” like a dormant volcano for about six months.

I started surfing more on the internet and came across those wonderful websites (blogs) “that is what I thought they were at that time”. These blogs had a on it. That is the guys were branding themselves. I kept asking myself. How are they doing it? Why is mine tagged to a and why can’t I have one like them.

Yeah, I am sure you are laughing at me and making fun of me but honestly, I hadn’t a clue. I was mad and furious still trying to figure out how actually it works.

The saddest thing is that I was a computer programmer about 15 years back but never surfed on the internet. Internet has been very recent to me say about 3 to 4 years ago. Yeah, of course I knew how emails worked and something called internet was there but I was too much pre-occupied with the real world to get actually involved with the virtual world.

Ok, I shall end part 1 here and give you something to cheer you up.


You have two ways of creating blogs either free or hosted (paid) blogs.

1. The good sites (free) that I have used so far are



I found more handy in terms usability of the structure. I still have about 4 of them and I use them to bring traffic to this blog. It easy to add different affiliate programs to earn money. You can easily add AdSense program. It is very Google friendly.

My advice: don’t create just one post and subscribe to AdSense, Google will straight away refuse it. You need to have “keyword based” articles in order for Google to be able to place ads in your posts. I will be talking about this in the coming article posts.

2. Let us talk about Keywords.

To get good search engine ranking, you need to have good keywords in your article headline and also in the articles itself

There are various methods of analysing highly targeted keywords. You will never find one best way to do it. Every marketer has his/her own techniques. One simple technique for keyword search is Google

Type in the word you would like to find. Say for example Dog Training. The tool will give you plenty of keywords based on that search criteria.

The key thing here is to go for keywords that have volumes more than 500 and above but don’t go for high volume keywords as they would be hard to rank for in the search engines

Now copy/paste each keyword in the Google search bar and place “” around the word say for example you are looking for Dog Training Tips what you would do is “Dog Training Tips”. This will give you the number of people that are competing for that keyword (people like you and me for earning money).

If the number is less than 100,000 then it is a very good keyword to use. Depending on the keyword rarity I sometimes go up to 200,000.

You may want to visit my blog for more useful tips.

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