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2010 List Building Guide Made Simple

If you are a true entrepreneur building a genuine Internet business, you should already know the importance of building a list and if you are a complete newbie to the world of internet marketing then this guide will help you also. Your contact list will become the lifeblood of your online business and holds a vast amount of value.

How do you begin to build a list? How will you communicate effectively with contacts? How do you find the right people who are really interested in what you have to offer? Find the answers here in the 2010 List Building Guide.

When you are building a list and this is a contact list, the essential first step is to create your own website, or more specifically, a "lead capture" page. The primary function of your lead capture page is for collecting names, email addresses, and possibly phone numbers of prospects in order to begin building your list.

Ideally, a secondary role for your capture page will be introducing yourself and your personal brand to interested prospects. Therefore, the capture page should not solely be about your company or your opportunity. It should not be about you either, but it should definitely be about your offer of a solution to your prospects' problems.

When creating your lead capture page, remember the key is to create an "itch" in your prospect which they will feel compelled to have "scratched." Write the copy for your lead capture page with their point of view in mind. Most likely they have come to your site looking for a solution or valuable information which you are promising to provide. They need to feel confident you will provide exactly that once they've opted in to your list by provided their name and email address.

One of the most efficient ways to collect and manage your growing contact list is by using an autoresponder such as Aweber. This is an absolutely invaluable tool which will mean the difference between typing up a single email that can be "broadcast" to a hundred people at once or spending way too much time sending out 100 individual emails every time you want to get a message out to your contacts.

Especially as your list grows to possibly hundreds or even thousands of people, the efficiency an autoresponder affords you will be well worth the minimum cost involved. An autoresponder service also makes it really easy to set up the actual opt-in form that you'll need on your site for collection of prospects' information. AWEber and other services also allow you to manage individual email campaigns if you have more than one website or lead capture page.

Real entrepreneurs build their own list of prospects and customers who they can market to for the rest of time. Your contact list is one of the key assets for your online business but it is not just about building a huge list. You may or may not have heard the phrase, "The Money Is In The List." This is true to some amount but what I believe is that the money is in your relationship with the list.

If someone has a list of 50,000 subscribers for instance that they are constantly bombarding with emails, trying to get them to purchase inferior or frankly rubbish products and services, then the chances are that people will stop buying from them, stop opening the emails from that marketer or worst still, they will simply unsubscribe and then that prospect has gone forever along with your chances of selling anything to them just because you did not have a good relationship with them and was not offering anything of value.

I personally would prefer to have a smaller list of valued subscribers who are interested in what I have to offer and who purchase regularly from me than to have a huge list of untargeted people who simply do not bother even opening the email. My advice to work hard on your list building but work harder on building that relationship with your subscribers as it will benefit you greatly in your future success.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope it was of some value to you.

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