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2006 Emerging Military Strategy Trends

Recently we saw a victory in Iraq as we took down the Iraqi army in what was clearly the most decisive military victory in history, as we went against the then world's third largest army. When major combat operations were over, we moved into a new strategy and set up safety nets to protect the people of Iraq and establish a Democracy. The strategy worked, as purple fingers were the proof.

As 2005 ends we have switched into high gear, as we move to a new strategy, which will certainly lead to a new Iraq, a democracy in the heart of the Middle East. When one looks at a map all they can do is be amazed at the Herculean endeavors performed in the true spirit of peace.

In 2006 we will see new military strategies emerge as our armies, Navy and Air Force use more robotics to help them get it done. We will have more information than ever before and computer assisted artificial intelligence to help us accumulate it all, decipher it and use it to our advantage. We will see a premium on surveillance information of all kind and we will work hard to protect innocent human life from collateral damage and the lives of our team (blue force).

We will see more scrutiny paid to unique attack methods of the enemy to disrupt our economy and / or flows of our civilization. We will put in place more sensors to detect bio-weapons, illegal entry and WMD. We will pay careful attention to making the rounds and maintaining allies as things in bordering nations of our declared or known enemies in the Middle East and Asia continue to fester build up their military hardware and plot against us both in the World Political arena and in secret Alliances. Although not this year or the next; Ever Carl von Clauswitz and Sun Tzu will meet or not. At that time and place a mixture of Machiavellian wit and Colonel Boyd Charm will determine the outcome of the largest game of risk "the Globe has ever known." Think on this as we move through 2006.

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