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1st Birthday Beginners Party Menu Yummy Ideas

Planning an interesting 1st birthday party menu is challenging at best. Many of the guests will still be eating toddler prepared foods. Foods that are special for them and still palatable for adult guests are few and far between.

One menu direction could involve sloppy Joes and punch. The canned sauce mixes prepared according to package directions kept warm in crock pots are best. They are easy to serve on fresh hamburger buns and left over meat can just be put in the fridge. A pickle tray serves as a good vegetable for this crowd. Young children like finger foods. Tiny fingers and mouths can handle pickles, olives and canned sausages. Potato sticks or French fries are a natural but so are cheese sticks. Crackers especially in fun shapes are popular with young children. Of course pudding or flavored gelatin would be fine too. After dinner mints, candy covered chocolates or gummies served in plastic bowls should be welcome when the meal has been cleared away. Always use paper party supplies–plates, napkins, bowls and tablecloths– with young children since they like the colorful fun decorations which are easily thrown out for quick clean up.

Purchased character birthday cake is not necessary here because the children are usually too young to care that much. Using a cake mix and canned icings to make the basic cake then using packaged decorations will be a great yet inexpensive alternative. When there is time to make them clown ice cream cones are sure to make them smile. To make use sugar cones and a single dip of any flavor ice cream. Turn upside down in paper cupcake wrappers. Make a clown face on each with decorator icing. Place on trays and store in the coldest freezer setting. Serve with birthday cake or separately.

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