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12 Different Evangelism Ideas (21st Century Evangelism)

In this day and age we are challenged as a church to preach the Gospel message to a modern day audience. In western countries the challenge seems to need a more modern approach as it can be argued that traditional methods are not working as well as they use to. This is because we must move with the times and use all the modern technology and forms of communication available to us.

One of the reasons why evangelism programmes fail is because they start off trying to invite people who have no knowledge or connection with their church. First build a ministry that meets a need in the community and then you will have a target audience of people to invite to your evangelistic programme. They are more likely to attend as they already know you. Here are 15 ideas for evangelism that are especially good for western countries, but can also work very well in most parts of the world.

1. Social Networking Websites

There are many of these kinds of websites including Facebook and Twitter. All these sites have a lot of opportunities. Start a presence on one of these sites and use it to preach the gospel. For example you can start a Facebook page and call it something interesting like Does God Exist? This can make curious people join and straight away you have an audience

2. Puppet Ministry

Puppets are very eye catching and can transcend cultural, social and also language barriers. There are many resources available to start this kind of ministry. You can get supplies from an organisation called ‘one way’ ( &

To start this kind of ministry you can either study an existing puppet ministry if you know of one. In addition you can begin by getting a team of likeminded people together and start by buying some puppets and a stage and learn a few short sketches and or songs. You can also follow an existing puppet ministry called The Animated Gospel Choir.

3. Community Choir

Starting a community choir is great for bringing new people into the church. You can advertise in the local newspaper, handout flyers and hold auditions.

4. Christian School

Many people have come to Christ through attending a Christian school. The rules and regulations for starting a school will vary depending on where in the world you are located. However once you have a school you can start and finish each day with prayer and devotion. Have Bible Study as part of the curriculum an also take the whole school to events like camp meeting or pathfinder camp. You can also contact existing Christian schools to get ideas on how they share their faith with the pupils at their school.

5. Community Church

This kind of church is like a traditional church but far less formal. They are usually located in a central area and have services that are specifically aimed at the unchurched. You could argue that this is what a traditional church should do. However studies show that most churches are great if you are from a church background but very difficult to attend if you are not form a church background.

6. Home Work or After School Club

You have a church building that may not be in use during the week. This is one of the ways in which you can utilise the building to be of service to the local community. Then when you have a religious they are more likely to attend as they already familiar with the church and some of the people.

7. Street Witnessing

Take the Gospel to the streets, but make sure this is presented as professionally as possible as this may be the one and only image of Christianity that some people get top see so make it a good image.

8. Radio

You can start a radio station on air or on the internet. Get some good presenters and some children can, make presenters as well. You can have a variety of programmes including: Music, Recipes, Ask the Pastor, Prayer Power Hour, Bible Quiz, Children’s Quiz, Children’s story, Bible Teachings, New Christians Question Time and much more.

9. Website

There are thousands if not millions of websites on the internet and you can create a website that is aimed at bringing people to Christ. The website could be focuses on prayer, the second coming of Christ, Healthy eating or even, Christina education. Even if you have no web building skills as there are various websites that you can use to build one and you need no knowledge of this area as they do it all for you. is a good one and it’s free.

10. Blog

Blogging is a great evangelistic tool, blogging is a kind of online diary. You can write about whatever you like. WordPress is a good website for creating blogs and there are many other sites that offer this kind of service as well many of which are free.

11. Food Distribution Programme

Where ever you are in the world there are always people who will need food, be they homeless, poor, students refugees, unemployed or other unfortunate circumstance. The service can be a simple canned / tined food distribution. You can start off getting church members to done the food for distribution and then ask local shops and supermarkets to help and then see if there is a government run programme that you can get involved in as well. The food can be distributed from your church at specific times. Then when you are having a church programme these are your target audience to invite.

12. Bible Study Group

You would be amazed as to how many people from a non church background are actually interested in learning about the bible. Start a community Bible Study group advertise it in the same places that advertise other short courses and use lots of visual aids, music, film, drama. Anything you can to bring the Bible alive to the un-churched.

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