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10 Simple and Inexpensive Marketing Tips

Here are ten easy, yet effective, tips to help you market your organization.

  1. Have at least a basic website. This might sound like I’m just trying to get your business, but that’s not why I’m saying this. Websites really are the most cost-effective way to promote yourself. Not only that, but they are essential to give creditability to your company or organization.
  2. Create an email signature. Take advantage of all those emails you write. A simple signature should at least include your business name, tag line (if you have one), and your web address so anyone who’s interested can learn more.
  3. List your organization. There are lots of free web directories out there – make sure you’re on them! It just takes a few minutes and not only will the listing bring you clients, but it will also improve your ranking on Google.
  4. Use business cards. Surprisingly, many people don’t even have business cards. You should always carry a few cards with you, because you never know who you might bump into! Anyone could be a potential client. Your cards should quickly convey who you are, what your business does, and (of course) your contact information.
  5. Join community or professional groups. Not only will you make great contacts, but you are certain to learn a few things that will help you run your business.
  6. Use your vehicle as free ad space. Whether you have a vehicle used in your business or simply have your personal car, consider using that space for some cheap advertising. A logo and website address on the back window can drum up more business then you think! You can also use magnetic signs if you prefer something less permanent.
  7. Write an article. Article writing not only can demonstrate your expertise and/or what your organization has to offer, it also can be free advertising. Submit it to local newspapers or magazines and also to web sites. Don’t forget to sign the article with your organization’s name and contact information.
  8. Get feedback. Ask your clients for honest feedback about your product and/or service. You can even offer an incentive for their completion of a survey. The feedback will be an invaluable tool for you to make improvements and you can use the positive comments as testimonials to market yourself. (Just don’t forget to ask for permission if you are putting your client’s name by the quote).
  9. Speak up. Offer to share your expertise with business groups, volunteer organizations, or anyone who might benefit from your knowledge and experience. Not only will you be helping others, but you’ll make some great contacts!
  10. Stand out. The best free marketing comes from your clients. Always provide excellent customer service and strive to exceed expectations. It will undoubtedly result in more business.

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