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10 Easy Ways to Bring Free Traffic to Your Website

So you are looking for ways to bring free traffic to your website. First I will begin with my favorite:

Article Writing

There are many article directories that will accept your articles for free; Sometimes the best known is EzineArticles who only take unique unpublished material. If you find a popular topic in your niche you will get lots of views and a good click through rate.

To create momentum, publish a continuous stream of good articles – this will keep your followers returning for your latest material. The beauty of articles is their longevity once they get "out there" on the Web. They seem to get a life of their own and get picked up by other directories, bloggers etc. Then circulated for years, if the content is good. To find directories, go to Google and you will be amazed at the intense choice available.


If your articles are of a suitable topic and structure you may be able to combine several, like chapters in a book and create eBooks

Guest Blogging

If you look on Facebook, Google or forums you will find webmasters and bloggers looking for guest bloggers and article writers in your niche. Become familiar with other entries on their website so that your entry fits into the style of the website. There will be terms and conditions to consider, but you will be able to link back to your website, therefore gaining extra traffic. You may be able to make a regular contribution to that particular website if you have the time and inclination to write a series of blogs or articles.

Free Reports

These only need be a few pages long, but on a desired topic: it could be 10 Tips To … Make sure all your written work has exciting appealing titles or they will not be read as much as you'd hoped. When you have prepared your report, save it as a PDF and upload it to a single page website with an opt-in box to collect the names and emails of visitors to your website. This is linked to your auto-responder.


These can be sent out weekly, also by your auto-responder. Consider a page full of news items tips etc. To keep visitors interested and returning to your website. You can occasionally introduce sales offers that will appeal to your readers, but do not over do it, or it looks like a constant pitch page. If you write 20 or 50 newsletters it may seem a lot of work at the time but once they are written they roll out continuously for new visitors signing up. You will then have up to a years supply to keep your viewers interested.

Follow-up Emails

Are snippets of information sent out regularly by your auto-responder to keep your prospects informed and interested, they are the people who have signed up to your list. They have to be nurtured until they trust you. You must treat them fairly and offer great value or you will lose their trust and they will opt-out. You can use your articles in segments to create a series of emails if they are suitable. You must build a relationship of trust with your list. They are your future profits.

Email Signatures

You can create a signature for your emails that will show at the bottom of every email you send out, a bit like your signature you create for forums – a short message advertising your business. How many emails do you send out daily? Why not let them take your message to everyone. You never know who might be interested. You are sending the email anyway so once created it takes no more work to include it.


There are forums for all niches regardless of how obscure they might be. Google your niche forum and take your pick. Do not be in a rush to post immediately get the feel of the forum read the terms and conditions and loiter at first. Introduce yourself and usually after a while you will be able to participate with posts. Before long you will be able to add your signature, a brief summary message of your business, and a link to your website. You then should be as helpful as you can to other members and build your reputation.


Facebook I'm sure you are aware is an extremely popular social media site where you can also build a business page. There are tutorials on Facebook or books available on Amazon to help you. You can then interact with people and build your likes.

Videos is a fantastic video creating site where you can make short videos for free. These can then be embedded into your website or uploaded to Facebook or You Tube. You create the videos with captions and photos these are automatically linked together with music backing to form a video. There are simple instructions and it is a great way to make simple videos.

So there you have 10 ideas to bring free traffic to your website. If you regularly use all these suggestions you will build yourself a great list without the expense of PPC. It does take time and persistence but if you have more time than cash it is effective and soon you will see rankings on page one of Google, which will spur you on to greater success.

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